SWIS Suite

SWIS (School-wide Information Systems) – Through SWIS, school staff enter office discipline referrals online.  The data are summarized to provide information about individual students, groups of students, or the entire student body over any time period.


CICO-SWIS (Check-In/Check-Out) — CICO-SWIS provides school staff with an online space to enter CICO point card data easily and efficiently online.  Data are summarized across five reports.


I-SWIS (Individual SWIS) — I-SWIS completes the comprehensive, three-tiered information system by focusing data entry to Intensive (Tier III) interventions for individual students.  I-SWIS is a decision system for students receiving more intensive supports for academic, social, or mental health services.


PBIS Assessment

PBIS Assessment is a web-based application designed to assist in high-fidelity, sustained implementation of school-wide positive behavior support (SWPBS).  A major feature of SWPBIS is the commitment to ongoing assessment of implementation.  PBIS Assessment provides surveys for teams to take as they examine their level of SWPBIS adoption and guides them through the process for how to improve implementation to benefit students, their families, and the over all school culture.  Surveys are completed online with reports available as soon as submitted.


PBIS Evaluation

PBIS Evaluation is a web-based application combining data from the SWIS Suite and PBIS Assessment across all schools within a state, region, or district.


Data Integration

PBISApps (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Applications) — PBISApps offers four options for integrating your SWIS Suite data with building- or district-level student information systems (I-SWIS).  Whether you want to upload your building’s student roster or forgo double-entry altogether, an integration solution exists to meet your needs.

SDEX (Self Service Data Integration) — SDEX is a self-service data integration option for exporting a flat file of all your school’s referral data into a single file.

Distributor — A web service to access SWIS data for import directly into your district systems.

SWIS Person Import — An in-application interface to upload student and staff rosters into a SWIS account.

DataLink — A web service interface to upload student and staff rosters and referrals across multiple schools into their SWIS accounts.


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